Tsambika Monastery , also known as Virgin Mary Tsambika Kyra Psili , is a prominent religious site located on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea in Rhodes, Greece. 

The monastery’s history dates back to the Byzantine period, and it is believed to have been founded by a woman named Tsambika, whose name it derives from. 

The story goes that Tsambika took a vow of celibacy and dedicated herself to the Virgin Mary, ultimately founding the monastery in her honor. 

Panagia Tsambika is sought after by many couples who are struggling to achieve parenthood as is it said that those who receive her blessing are often gifted with a child.  

The monastery’s stunning location, perched atop a towering cliff , offers breathtaking views of Tsambika Beach below and the surrounding landscape. 

Visitors can climb all 300 stairs up the hill to reach the monastery, and once inside, marvel at its intricate frescoes, religious artifacts, and holy relics.