Panagia Evangelistria, also known as “Megalochari”, is a significant Greek Orthodox church situated in the charming town of Tinos. 

The church is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and has gained a prominent reputation as one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in Greece. 

According to the local legend, an icon of the Virgin Mary was discovered on the island of Tinos in the 1820s, causing the church to become a vital destination for thousands of pilgrims seeking spiritual healing from the Virgin Mary. 

Its remarkable architecture, which includes a magnificent dome and two exceptional bell towers, draws attention from every visitor. 

Upon entering the church, pilgrims are greeted with an array of beautiful frescoes and religious icons that depict the rich culture and history of the Greek Orthodox faith.

A grand festival is held annually on August 15th to honor the Virgin Mary, which serves as a major attraction for visitors all over Greece and beyond.