Kallithea Beach is a picturesque oasis that captivates visitors with its crystal-clear turquoise waters and golden sandy shores, as well as the famous Kallithea Springs site. This idyllic coastal paradise offers a superb beach experience for all ages and interests.

As you step onto this magical site located on the picturesque eastern coast of Rhodes island, you will be enveloped in the mystique of ancient times. 

For centuries, people have flocked to these majestic springs, revered for their therapeutic properties and healing powers. During the 1920s, the area was transformed into a luxurious spa by the Italians, who were then occupying Greece. 

The site boasts classicist and art-deco architecture, fusing eastern and western styles. Recent renovations have lovingly restored the structures, lending visitors an exquisite experience where old-world charm meets modern-day elegance. 

It’s no wonder that Kallithea Springs is an essential cultural landmark in Greece, welcoming tens of thousands of guests every year who come to encounter the magic and wonder of this historical gem.