Samothraki, also known as Samothrace, is a serene and scenic island nestled in the northeastern Aegean Sea in Greece, that is endowed with a rich cultural history and breathtaking natural landscapes. 

The island boasts unmatched natural beauty, including stunning beaches and trails, and is renowned for its association with the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, an iconic ancient Greek religious site famous for its cultic mysteries and initiation rites. 

Visitors can embark on an adventure of a lifetime by exploring the remnants of this historic site, such as temples, altars, and other significant structures. In addition, Samothraki is an oasis of biodiversity, home to rare species of flora and fauna, such as birds, insects, and plants. 

The allure of the island, which offers tourists an unforgettable cultural experience fused with natural beauty, makes Samothraki a coveted travel destination for anyone planning a trip to Greece.

From Alexandroupoli Port (Duration 2 hours) mainly with daily itineraries, as well as from Kavala Port and Lemnos with up to 2 weekly itineraries .

Access is also available through Kavala Airport (KVA) located 140km (90min) west of Alexandroupoli, which connects with some European countries during the summer .

Alternatively, there is Alexandroupoli Airport (AXD) which connects mainly with Athens (Duration 1 hour) .

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