Paxi in Greece is a charming and peaceful island famous for its awe-inspiring natural scenery, clear water beaches, and tranquil ambiance. 

You’ll find quaint villages, lovely olive gardens, and stunning beaches ideal for activities such as swimming, snorkeling, or sunbathing. 

The main town of Gaios is an enchanting fishing village with beautiful, narrow streets that are lined with colorful houses, and a range of restaurants and bars offering authentic Greek cuisine. 

Visitors can explore this picturesque island on foot, bike, or boat, and unwind amidst the laid-back vibe of this idyllic destination.

From Igoumenitsa Port (Duration 90 min) 500km (5 hours by car/bus) northwest of Athens, as well as Corfu (Duration 70 min) with daily itineraries .

An alternative route is through Corfu International Airport (CFU), which connects with several European countries, then through ferry from Corfu Port (4km north of CFU or 5 min by car/bus/taxi) .

Beaches To Explore