Hydra Island in Greece is an absolute gem that promises to take you on a mesmerizing journey of stunning vistas and vibrant culture. This haven of tranquility is a perfect refuge for those seeking to disconnect from the frantic pace of life in the cities and refresh their spirits in the lap of nature.
Once here, you can meander through the charming alleys flanked by pretty whitewashed houses, relish the authentic local cuisine in traditional tavernas, and indulge in shopping at the tiny, quaint shops lining the narrow, winding streets of the town. 
For history buffs, the cluster of museums and churches offers a glimpse of the intriguing past of this enchanting island. Make Hydra Island your next holiday destination, soak up the laid-back vibe, and bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of Greece.

From Piraeus Port (Duration 2 hours), as well as other islands of the Saronic such as Poros and Spetses, as well as Porto Heli daily .

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