Elia Beach is a stunning stretch of coastline that beckons visitors seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. 

This one-kilometer-long sandy beach boasts crystal-clear waters and a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal getaway spot. 

Elia Beach is excellently equipped with sunbeds, parasols, and beach bars, catering to all visitors’ comfort needs. With a range of water sports activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, and windsurfing, visitors can add excitement to their seaside retreat. 

Easily accessible by car, bus, or taxi, and approximately a 20 minutes’ drive from Mykonos Town, Elia Beach provides a perfect blend of natural beauty, top-tier amenities, and fun activities, seamlessly blending leisure and adventure. 

The west part of Elia is a nudist beach, so visitors should keep that in mind, especially if they bring their children .