Amorgos is a stunning and culturally rich island situated in the southern Aegean Sea in Greece, renowned for its crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, and historical sites.

The villages in Amorgos are beautifully built in traditional Cycladic style, with narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and beautiful blue-domed churches that showcase its rich cultural heritage. 

Additionally, visitors can indulge in enticing local cuisine, with fresh seafood, local cheeses, and fava beans being popular delicacies.

Tourists can engage in various outdoor activities like hiking, diving, and cycling, while exploring ancient sites and monasteries that highlight the island’s history. The Byzantine Monastery of Hozoviotissa, Chora and Katapola villages, and its beautiful beaches are some popular attractions that showcase the island’s natural beauty.

Once on the island, getting around is easy. There are regular bus services that connect the main towns and villages, as well as taxis and rental cars for those who prefer more flexibility.

Overall, Amorgos is a hidden gem in the Cyclades. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and welcoming locals, it is a destination that should not be missed. 

From Piraeus Port (Duration 7 hours), as well as from other islands of the Cyclades such as Ios, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Syros, Milos, Mykonos, Folegandros, Koufonisia, Sifnos and Schinousa with daily itineraries .

The main port of Amorgos is in Katapola, 6km west of Chora, but ferries also connect through the smaller port Egiali, 21km north of Katapola, with less itineraries.

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Shipwreck Olympias
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